NinjaTrader Ichimochu Chart

What platforms do you support?

We only work on NinjaTrader®.  This keeps our attention focused on being the best developers and consultants we can be for this platform.

What are your rates?

Our flat rate for consulting and development is $93 an hour (US dollars).

For qualifying projects we also offer fixed bids.

For new customers we will require a retainer payment before work begins.

What is a fixed bid project?

A fixed bid project has a fixed price.  In order to qualify for a fixed bid, your project must be reviewed by one of our consultants and if the risks and complexities are judged to be quantifiable then we will offer you a fixed price to complete the work.

The advantage of a fixed bid is that you will not have cost overruns if an unanticipated problem comes up.  The disadvantage is that the project may cost you more than if it had been done on an hourly basis and the work ends up taking less time than estimated.

How do I pay?

We keep it simple with just PayPal.  This also allows you to use a credit card within PayPal if you wish.

Why should I choose QTradez for my NinjaTrader needs?

  • NinjaTrader® is all we do and we're good at it!
  • We've been working on NinjaTrader® since version 6.5 and 2007 - we have time tested experience.
  • We do it all:
    • Custom Indicators
    • Strategies
    • Bar Types
    • Chart Types
    • DOM Columns (NT8)
    • Buttons and markings for your Charts

How do you protect my intellectual property?

Protecting your ideas is very important.  But you also have to share them with us to make the NinjaTrader® tools you want.

  • Anything we build for you is encrypted and obfuscated before being delivered to you. These processes make the code nearly impossible to read and reverse-engineer.
  • We also provide you the complete source code though a secure channel once the project is completed.
  • We are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements.
  • We do not discuss with our clients what work we have done or are doing for other clients without their specific consent.